{{var_img_desc}} Angry Women Take 4 by Annie Abrahams
{{var_img_desc}} 1x$ by Beatriz Albuquerque
{{var_img_desc}} Video Performance III by Beatriz Albuquerque
{{var_img_desc}} Collecting by Dominique Buchtala
{{var_img_desc}} Laffing Ahkestra by Female Artists Sing 'n' Play Society SHAREJOY
{{var_img_desc}} Lost Paradise by Female Artists Sing 'n' Play Society SHAREJOY
{{var_img_desc}} I Exist by Michelle Handelman
{{var_img_desc}} Folly & Error by Michelle Handelman
{{var_img_desc}} The Adventures of Lucky M_The Lab by Michelle Handelman
{{var_img_desc}} Illusions for Movements: A Study on Choreography by Lemeh42
{{var_img_desc}} Just Being by Pila Rusjan
{{var_img_desc}} A Cut by Pila Rusjan
{{var_img_desc}} Instantia by Iris Selke
{{var_img_desc}} Human Being 2022 by Iris Selke
{{var_img_desc}} Ophelia by Iris Selke
{{var_img_desc}} Narziss by Iris Selke
{{var_img_desc}} Splendid Isolation by Iris Selke
{{var_img_desc}} Memento Mori by Iris Selke
{{var_img_desc}} Surface to Face by Iris Selke
{{var_img_desc}} Revaluation by Maja Slavec
{{var_img_desc}} Women Beauty Power Less by Maja Slavec
{{var_img_desc}} Hobby Horses in Paradise by Nina Sobell
{{var_img_desc}} Elastic Equations by Nina Sobell
{{var_img_desc}} Hey, Chicky!!! by Nina Sobell
{{var_img_desc}} Structural Model by Evelin Stermitz
{{var_img_desc}} White Band Cut by Evelin Stermitz
{{var_img_desc}} Koncentracijsko Taborisce Ljubelj by Evelin Stermitz
{{var_img_desc}} Inside the Outside by Evelin Stermitz
{{var_img_desc}} Rose is a Rose by Evelin Stermitz
{{var_img_desc}} Table Talk by Evelin Stermitz
{{var_img_desc}} Yes Species by subRosa
{{var_img_desc}} Trace Decay Performance (Excerpt) by Kerrie Welsh