{{var_img_desc}} Reptilica by Barbara Agreste
{{var_img_desc}} The Tower Trilogy by Barbara Agreste
{{var_img_desc}} The Chequered Tunnel by Barbara Agreste
{{var_img_desc}} Rain by Barbara Agreste
{{var_img_desc}} ACTivism by Beatriz Albuquerque
{{var_img_desc}} The Line of Beauty by Sian Amoy
{{var_img_desc}} Post Destruction Deconstruction by Sian Amoy
{{var_img_desc}} Migraine by Ana Grobler
{{var_img_desc}} Journey into the Unknown by Ana Grobler
{{var_img_desc}} Soci by Ana Grobler
{{var_img_desc}} Lucky M Mashup with Irving Klaw and found Anime by Michelle Handelman
{{var_img_desc}} Sew Akira by Michelle Handelman
{{var_img_desc}} I hate you by Michelle Handelman
{{var_img_desc}} Sew Me In by Michelle Handelman
{{var_img_desc}} Searching for a History in Labyrinth by Tina Istenic
{{var_img_desc}} To Disappear in White Haze by Tina Istenic
{{var_img_desc}} Way in Unknown Place by Tina Istenic
{{var_img_desc}} Blue Fairy Story by Tina Istenic
{{var_img_desc}} Black and White almost Red by Tina Istenic
{{var_img_desc}} Ellas by Macarena Moreno
{{var_img_desc}} Stop Stealing My Face by Grace Graupe Pillard
{{var_img_desc}} Through the Lookin' Glass by Regina Pinto
{{var_img_desc}} Here There by Pila Rusjan
{{var_img_desc}} 3-Image Shorts by Pila Rusjan 2005
{{var_img_desc}} Mess by Isabel Saij
{{var_img_desc}} Elements by Nina Sobell
{{var_img_desc}} A Gift for the Moon by Evelin Stermitz
{{var_img_desc}} Secret for Yun by Tai-Li Wu
{{var_img_desc}} Alienated by Tai-Li Wu
{{var_img_desc}} Drift by Tai-Li Wu
{{var_img_desc}} Le reve dore de Riri by Liana Zanfrisco
{{var_img_desc}} Like Me by Liana Zanfrisco